National Theatre in Belgrade

One-act ballets, Women in D Minor, to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, and The Long Christmas Dinner, to the music of Antonio Vivaldi, premiered on the Main Stage on 25th October.
One of the today’s leading choreographers, Radu Poklitaru, has done choreography, stage directing, concept and libretto for both productions.
The ballet Women in D Minor, to the music of Bach (Concert no. 1 for piano and orchestra in D-minor) is permeated with the admiration of the composer’s genius. It is Bach’s polyphony that was the source of the choreographer’s inspiration: “The whole plastic texture of the ballet is entirely polyphonic. The tragic story of a non-existent women’s friendship is but a pretext for the unfolding of sophisticated multi-figural compositions and poignant duets”, says Radu Poklitaru.
The cast: Brankica Mandić, Jovan Veselinović, Jovana Nestorovska, Teodora Spasić, Ljupka Stamenovski, Smiljana Stokić, Tijana Šebez, Ivana Kozomara, Ada Raspor, Miloš Marijan, Miloš Kecman, Taylor Clow, Čedomir Radonjić, Nikola Tomašević, Nikola Bjanko, Martin Grainger and Miloš Živanović.
Dmitry Kuryata designed the costumes and Olena Antohina designed the lighting.
The Long Christmas Dinner, to the music of Vivaldi, is based on Thornton Wilder’s play. It is a ballet-contemplation about the fugacious life, filled with futile and useless actions that rob us of precious moments, hours and years of our earthly existence. The story focuses on the ninety years in the life of the Bayard family, the years fleeting as a chain of Christmas dinners. The fates of the people are passing in a number of feasts and banquets…
The cast: Marija Bajčetić, Jovica Begojev, Milja Đurić, Martin Grainger, Brankica Mandić, Miloš Kecman, Ivana Savić-Jaćić, Taylor Clow, Čedomir Radonjić, Nikola Tomašević, Nikola Bjanko, Smiljana Stokić, Tijana Šebez, Dušan Milosavljević, Raffaele Diligente and Dejan Kolarov.
Kuryata and Antohina also designed the costumes and lighting; Andrey Zlobin designed the set and Maria Pustovalova designed video production for the ballet.
Assistant choreographers for both ballet productions were Anatoly Kozlov, Sergei Kon and Anna Gerus, while rehearsal associates were Marija Vještica (Women in D Minor) and Paša Musić (The Long Cristmas Dinner).
Both ballets premiered on 18th June 2014 in the Kyev Modern Ballet, a ballet company founded by Poklitaru.
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