National Theatre in Belgrade

The Folk Play, a play about same-sex love, freedom, patriarchal culture and emotions in folk music, written by Olga Dimitrijević and stage directed by Bojana Lazić, premiered on the “Raša Plaović” Stage on 17th November.
In this politically engaged love melodrama expressed mostly through affects, the cast is the following:  Ana Mandić (Anka), Sena Đorović (Branka), Ivan Marković (Milan), Anastasia Mandić (Jelica), Slobodan Beštić (Dragan) and students Nina Nešković, Milica Sužnjević and Mina Obradović (Chorus of Anka’s Friends), while Nela Mihailović and Aleksandar Đurica take part in a video directed by  Goran Gajić.
The Folk Play is about love in all its nuances, about the issues of freedom and courage when facing choices, about paradoxical fact that as a society we aggressively degrade by accepting stereotypical division into elite and masses.
During almost two hours of performance in the hall filled to capacity, the audience observed criticism of patriarchal society, feminism, issues of emancipation and rebellion, as well as the issues of gender, social and sexual inequality.  
This has been the author’s graduation play, which premiered five years ago in the "Bora Stanković" Theatre in Vranje. For this staging, the text has been adapted by the stage director Lazić and Slobodan Obradović, who is a dramaturge in the production together with Molina Udovički Fotez.
Zorana Petrov designed the set, Marina Medenica Vukasović designed the costumes, Vladimir Pejković composed the music and Damjan Kecojević authored the stage movement.

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