National Theatre in Belgrade

Play Ivanov by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, adapted and directed by Tatjana Mandić Rigonat, with Nikola Ristanovski in the title role, premiered on the Main Stage, on 12th October.
The renowned Russian play, written in 1887 when the author was very young, does not give diagnosis to neither the people nor the times; instead, it reveals the assortment of various nuances of existence and thinking.  
Ivanov is a play without thesis in which Chekhov manages to capture the feeling of defeat and excessiveness of a thoughtful, emotional and honest person in the contemporary time and world.
Staging of director Mandić Rigonat presents this play as a particular museum of soul and humanity, created in an art laboratory on the theme of existential desperation.
The audience was seated in auditorium with 211 seats, which surrounded the stage from three sides, while the actors were situated in the centre.
The stage area, according to the idea by set designer Branko Hojnik, is designed as the said museum, in which the audience has been invited to become participants in “dissolving” problems and issues the play presents…
After more than two hours of inspiring performance, the audience rewarded the cast with a long and cordial applause.
Besides Ristanovski in the title role, the cast includes Nada Šargin (Anna Petrovna, nee Sarah Abramson, wife of Nikolai Alekseyevich Ivanov), Predrag Ejdus (Shabelski, Matvey Semyonovich, Count, Ivanov’s uncle), Branko Vidaković (Lebedev, Pavle Kirilovich, President of the Land Administration), Danijela Ugrenović (Zinaida Savishna, his wife), Hana Selimović (Sasha, their daughter; 20 years old), Nenad Stojmenović (Lvov, Eugene Konstantinovich, young doctor), Nikola Vujović (Borkin, Michail Michailovich, a distant relative of Ivanov and manager of his estate), Branka Petrić (Avdotia Nazarovna, an old woman of undetermined profession), Vanja Milačić (Babakina, Marpha Yegorovna, a young widow, owner of an estate and daughter of a rich merchant) and Bojan Krivokapić (Kosih, Dimitri Nikitich, a finance clerk)… Supporting cast members are Jelena Živković (Maid Gabriel), Predrag Vasić (Yegorushka, lives with the Lebedevs), Nemanja Konstantinović (Guest), Jelena Halupa (Guest) and musicians Nikola Dragović, Ivan Mirković and Nemanja Bubalo.  
The production team consists of: Slavko Milanović (Dramaturge), Branko Hojnik (Set Designer), Bojana Nikitović (Costume Designer), Irena Popović (Composer), Ljiljana Mrkić Popović (Stage Speech Instructor) and Anđelija Todorović (Stage Movement Designer).
Milorad Jovanović is an Executive Producer, Nemanja Konstantinović is an Organiser, Sanja Ugrinić Mimica is a Stage Manager and Jelena Halupa is a Prompter in the production.