Exhibition "Mija Aleksić - To Be an Actor", by Boban Stefanović, opened in the Museum of the National Theatre in Belgrade, on Monday 3 March.
The exhibition, organised on occasion of the ninetieth anniversary of Milosav Mija Aleksić’s birth (26 September 1923), was opened by Mr. Dragan Stevović, Director of the Museum of the National Theatre in Belgrade.
Mr. Stevović wished welcome to all visitors, especially family members of the great actor, as well as Mr. Nikola Janković, a sculptor who donated his work of Mija Aleksić made in bronze to the Museum of the National Theatre.
Mr. Stevović brought everyone's attention to the recording of Mija Aleksić's monologue from The Forest by Nikolai Ostrovsky, which the actor spoke on the evening organised in his honour on the Main Stage of the National Theatre on 12 December 1993.
Mr. Dragan Arsić, Director of the Cultural Centre in Gornji Milanovac, and Mr. Stefanović, author of the exhibition, also spoke to visitors on the occasion.
Mr. Stefanović said that he hoped he managed to portray at least a part of Mija's prolific career by using numerous photographs, awards, personal objects, posters, etc.
The exhibition will stay open until 14 May; it was organised together with the Cultural Centre Gornji Milanovac and in cooperation with the family of the great actor, the National Theatre in Belgrade, Serbian Broadcasting Corporation, Yugoslav Cinotheque, National Museum from Kragujevac and Museum of Theatrical Arts of Serbia.
The renowned actor had his debut in the National Theatre in 1949, with the role of a soldier in Shakespeare's Hamlet.
He interpreted numerous significant roles during his prolific career and was engaged in the National Theatre and in the Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Atelier 212 and other theatres.
He also acted in more than 60 films; he gave significant interpretations for television productions as well.
Mija Aleksić was awarded for his theatre and film interpretations with most prestigious awards - October Award, Sterija Award, Dobrica's Ring, Golden Turkey, Golden Arena, Crystal Prism, Award for Life Achievement at the Festival in Sopot, Grand Prix of the Scull Tower, Recognition - Living Legend, etc.
Aleksić died in Belgrade on 12 March 1995.

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