Aleksandar  Đurica

Actor I
Ensemble: Drama
Status: resident
Roles in current Repertoire of the National Theatre:
• Ford (The Merry Wives of Windsor)
• Fugitive (Death and the Dervish)
• Ante (The Deseased)

• Jorgen Tesman (Hedda Gabler)
• Prodo (Scenes from an Execution)
• Nikodim (Kanjoš Macedonović)
• Tom Wingfield (Glass Menagerie)
• Misanthrope (Misanthrope)
• Gaston Rieux (The Lady of the Camellias)
• Mile (The Miracle in Šargan)
• Zoran (The Folk Play)
• A mason (Electra)
• Duke of Buckingham (Richard III)

Aleksandar Đurica