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Immediate scientific or artistic fields: theater and radio directing, theory and practice of performing arts

- Theater director - basic academic studies 
- Theater director - master academic studies 
- Theater director - PhD artistic studies 
- studies of performing arts - interdisciplinary master studies, MAIPR program - University of Warwick, University of Amsterdam, University of Arts Belgrade University Helsinki

He teaches at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in 1990. She was elected a full professor in 2005.

1981 - graduated from the Department of Theater and Radio Directing under Professor Milorad Belović at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. 
1983 -1984. - completed postgraduate studies at the Institute dEtudes Théâtrales, Sorbonne, Paris 
in 1984 - ended workshop video work, Nancy Festival, Theater of Nations 
from 1989 to 1990. - was a Fullbright scholarship fund at the Tisch School of the Arts, NY

She was secretary of the Department of Theater Directing, member of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, University of Arts Council member and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Arts (2008 to 2010)..

2012 founded the Studio of Performing Arts Laboratory at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts.

She was artistic director of Bitef theater from 1990 do1997., As well as the artistic director of FIAT - International Festival of Alternative Theater in Podgorica from 1994 to 1996. He is the founder and artistic director of the urban fringe festival Aerpolan without engine from 1994-1997. She was artistic director of the festival Belef 1997-2001.

For several years she was Director of International summer school of the University of Arts (in cities - Novi Pazar, Subotica, Negotin, Sremski Karlovci).

For contribution to the development of education and culture has gained high recognition of the Ministry of Science and obrazovnaje France - Order of Academic Palms - do commander knight of the order of 2010.
He won the silver plaque of the University of Arts in 1995.

Edited and translated (with Aleksandra Jovicevic) W. Richard Schechner "Ka postmodern theater" as a book and Eugenio Barba Nikola Savarese "Dictionary of Theater Anthropology" .

He actively wrote for newspapers Scene literary word, Teatron. He is a member of the editorial board of the journal Interdisciplinary, Novi Sad.

With its projects, has opened up the scene in Belgrade: evening scene Radovic Little Theater Dusko Radovic, scene 5th floor at the National Theater, the scene of Bel Etage in Madlenianum.

He is the founder and director of the theater Beton hala Theater in Belgrade.

On the scenes Serbia, Slovenia, Germany, Italy set up over 80 play. She worked throughout the former Yugoslavia: Belgrade, Novi Sad, Subotica, Zrenjanin, Sombor, Pancevo, Kragujevac, Pristina, Ljubljana, Maribor, Podgorica. She has directed in Germany and in Italy.

Her gears were played at festivals and guest appearances around the world: New York, Paris, London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Thessaloniki, and Zibia, Adana, Berlin, Sarajevo, Skopje, Banja Luka, Kotor, Umag ...

She did more than 15 happenings, performances, site specific projects and installations.

Some of them are:

The dream of flying , festivals and Belef Bitef 
room my mother
visual installation - Show me your heart and I shall tell you who you are , Mobile Academy, Bochum 
"What are the people who will save the world" - a procession, Bitef festival

Author of more than 50 radio drama.

It has a daughter, Helena.

By decision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, on November 21, 2018, she was appointed Acting Director of the National Theater in Belgrade.



Faculty of Dramatic Arts Award for the best student of theater directing from the fund Zagorka Arsenijevic, 1981. 
Award for Youth Creativity - Bold color, 1981. 
Recognition Theater Dusko Radovic opening evening scene in 1985. 
Special Recognition Scene magazine for his direction of "Medea" 1991 
Award Božidar Batrović for his direction of "Star Boy" 1999 
Award of the National Theater for his direction of "Balkan plastic" 2002 
Grand Prize of the Biennial of Stage Design for the project Aeroplan Without Engine, 1997 . 
award Infant festival for the play "Antigone" 2007 
award for radiophonic experiment - Vitomir Bobic, 2008. 
Joakim's award for best director for the play "Frida Kahlo", 2008.
Joakim's award for the artistic performances of the play "Frida Kahlo", 2008. 
Joakim award for his direction of "Pioneers of Ingolstadt," 2010.


"Medea" by Euripides, Bitef Theater 
"Hamlet" V.Šekspir National Theater in Belgrade 
"Romeo and Juliet", V.Šekspir, Nardno Theater in Belgrade 
"Twelfth Night", V.Šekspir, National Theater Sterija, Vrsac 
"The Duchess of Malfi " Dž.Vebster, National Theater in Belgrade 
" the Beggar's Opera, " B.Breht, Bitef Theater 
" Malograđanska wedding " B. Brecht, National Theater Subotica 
"Antigone", B.Breht, Beton hala Theater 
"Everyday Theater" dedicated B.Brehtu, Belgrade Drama Theater 
"Solo for Bertolt Brecht"
B.Breht, National Theater Maribor 
"Behind closed doors", Ž.P.Sartr, Yugoslav Drama Theater 
"Lesson" E.Jonesko, Cultural Center Studentski grad 
"Mystery bufo" V.Majakovski, evening scene Radovic 
"From the Life of rain worms, " Studio 212 
" Balcony " Ž.Žene, Belgrade drama Theater 
" Blow up " , S.Beket, Slovenian national Theater, Ljubljana 
" In the solitude of cotton fields, " B.M.Koltes, Beton hala Theater 
" Cat on a Hot Tin roof, " T.Vilijams, Madlenianum 
" Intrigue and love " F. Schiller, Beton hala Theater 
"Push up"
"Pioneers of Ingolstadt," Marieluise Fleischer, National Theater Joakim Vujic 
"Three Sisters", A.P.Čehov, Bitef 
"widow burning," J.Razer, National Theater in Belgrade 
"Path game", F. K. Lime, Serbian National Theater 
, "So what do you think," L.Pirandelo, Little Theater Dusko Radovic 
"Alice in Wonderland", L.Kerol, Little Theater Dusko Radovic 
"Beauty and the Beast," Dž.P.Šeli, Studio 212 
"Mrs. Kollontai," A. Plejal, Yugoslav drama Theater 
"Developer way the cultural" A.Popović, National Theater Joakim Vujic 
"Cabinet Minister"
D. Kovačevič, National Theater Priština 
"Adam and Eve", M.Krleža, JKC, Paris 
"Patriots", J.S.Popović, National Theater Vršac 
"Friendship is the oldest profession," B. Crnčević, Bitef Theater 
"Carl goodbye" A Popovic, Studio 212 
"Play Popović" , A.Popović, Atelier 212.

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