Maja Varićak Antić

Ballet Soloist II (female)

About Artist

• Graduated at the state Ballet school "Lujo Davičo" in Belgrade, class of 1992 and got permanent engagement as a member of the Ballet at the National Theatre in Belgrade.

• Contestant of the International Ballet Competition in Varna 1994.
• Contestant of the International Ballet Competition in Varna 1996.

• 2000 Achieving status of Ballet Soloist III
• 2003 Achieving status of Ballet Soloist II

• 2005 City of Belgrade Award for participation in the performance "Who Is Singing Out There" (S. Zurovac)

Soloist roles:

• Alice Vandeleur “The Picture of Dorian Gray” (V. Logunov)
• Princess Florina "Sleeping Beauty" (V. Logunov)
• Pas de trois "Paquita" (Lj. and P. Dobrijević)
• Pas de trois Act I “Swan Lake” (A. Simon)
• "A Glimmer In The Cloud" (V. Logunov)
• Pas de quatre Act II "Swan Lake" (A. Simon), (D. Parlić)
• Grand Waltz Solo Act I "Swan Lake" (D. Parlić), (A. Simon)
• Brides Waltz "Swan Lake" (A. Simon)
• Wheat Flour Fairy, The White Cat, Little Red Riding Hood, The Gold, The Silver, The Sapphire - "Sleeping beauty" (V. Logunov)
• Street Lady Merry, daughter Molly "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (V. Logunov)
• Colombine "Lady With Camellia" (L. Pilipenko)
• Solo "The Wolfs" (D. Seiffert)
• Giselle's friends "Giselle" (L. Lavrovski)
• Atina "Adrijana Lekuvrer" (V. Logunov)
• Aya “La Bayadere” (G. Komleva)


• Colombia, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Qatar

• 2010 Participant of the Ballet Methodology and Pedagogy Seminar at the Na-tional Theatre in Belgrade – lecturer Žarko Prebil
• 2015 Assistant  choreographer to Vladimir Logunov – Ballet “The Picture  of Dorian Gray“

Main Data

Soloist II
Ensemble: Ballet
Status: resident