Nikola Ristanovski

Principal Drama Artist, Actor

About Artist

He  was born in Ostrava (The Czech Republic).
He graduated in 1993 from the Academy of the Dramatic Arts in Skopje, in Prof Vladimir Milcin class.
He has been the leading actor of the Macedonian National Theatre since 1994. He played in about 2000 performances.
Beside his theatre he also played in Skopje Drama Theatre, Montenegro National Theatre (Podgorica, Montenegro).
Repertoire: Macedonian authors – Goran Stefanovski (Bacchanalia, Proud Flesh), Dejan Dukovski (Fuck it... who started first,   Balkan is not Dead) and others; foreign authors – Shakespeare, Moliere, Dostoyevsky, Chekhov, Gorky, Gogol, Strindberg, Ionesco, B. Nusic (Questionable Person), Lj. Simovic. M. Krleza, Bond, D.Harms, D. Mamet, P. Marber, M. Ivaskevicius...
Awards: five times the award ”Vojdan Chernodrinski” for the best actor at the National Macedonian Festival, award at the Ohrid Summer Festival, at ISSTF (Rijeka, Croatia, twice), in Montenegro, at the MESS (Sarajevo, BiH); he also got the title “The Man of the Year”...

Main Data

Ensemble: Drama
Status: Guest
Roles in current Repertoire of the National Theatre:
• Ahmed Nurudin (Death and the Dervish)
• Nikolai Alekseyevich Ivanov (Ivanov)