ballet choreographed by Dejan Kolarov

About Performance

Working on “Alice” was the easiest task in the world. I could not defend myself from overwhelming bursts of inspiration. Although, I was worried about Alice. I do not know how she would have coped in today’s world. She would not have known which anxious rabbit to run after first and each of them would have taken her to tea parties where such nonsenses would have been uttered that would have never crossed Lewis Carroll’s mind. She would have met a lot of queens and each would have been eager to chop off her head for no explicable reason. A wonderland on TV, a wonderland at home and in the streets, a wonderland in all human beings. But I know what would have saved Alice in the end. She would have seen an inscription hanging in every other coffee shop: “We are all mad here” and she would have realised that everything was fine as long as these beings she came across nowadays, like those she used to meet before, know about the power of humour. The show “Alice” by Dejan Kolarov reminds us of that power. And it is completely mad.  

Lewis Carroll reminds us that it is quite all right if we should sometimes peek outside the box. In a world in which nothing makes sense and in which, anyhow, all sorts of boxes are being put on us constantly and from all sides, the most senseless thing would be for us not to even try to set free from all that. To be free and to feel good – those are the most expensive things nowadays. And how can we feel good, or – what is this show about? About Alice, a girl with imagination.About that forgotten power that we push aside and call childish, but Alice uses it in order to get to know and accept all parts of her being.The most important thing is to be true and fair to oneself. Otherwise, we fall through a rabbit’s hole and nothing makes sense anymore. Let’s be free, and crazy, and joyful. Because that’s fair. 

Premiere performance

Premiere, october 25th 2021 / Main stage


Choreographer and director Dejan Kolarov
Assistant choreographer and director Aleksandra Bibić Kolarov
Composer Ana Krstajić
A playwright Mina Ćirić
Costume designer Srđan Perić
Set designer Jasna Saramandić
Lighting designer Milan Kolarević
Costume designer's assistant Katarina Backović

Premiere Cast:
Alice Milica Jević Drndarević
Voice of Alice Vanja Ejdus
Cat Slobodan Beštić
Queen Aleksandra Bibić Kolarov
Caterpillar Nikola Bjanko
Voice of Caterpillar Nenad Stojmenović
Cook Olga Olćan
Voice of Cook Nikola Vujović
Twins Sanja Ninković and Miloš Kecman
Voice of Twins Bojana Stefanović and Miloš Đorđević

Make-up Marko Dukić
Stage Crew Chief Nevenko Radanović
Soun operater Roko Mimica
Set and Costumes were manufactured ih the National Theatre Workshops