ballet to the music by Edward Elgar and Dragoljub Djuričić

About Performance

The background music for the events in all 12 scenes was skillfully made combining the music of the English composer from the beginning of the 20th century, Edward Elgar and our percussionist, Dragoljub Đuričić. Dark sides of human character are greatly represented by the sound of the drums masterly played by the trio led by Đuričić.
Svenka Savić

It has been a while since the end of the season was marked by a ballet.
There was nothing trivial on the stage and the performance assumed some extraordinary qualities not expected by anyone in the audience. This is, not to go into details, one of the most successful staging of a master artist Vladimir Logunov.
Hadži Petar Volk

The choreographer Vladimir Logunov produced a ballet of a rarely achieved quality.
Milica Jovanović


Premiere performance

Premiere, 27 December, 2001. / Main Stage

Conductor Angel Šurev
Choreography, libretto and directing Vladimir Logunov
Set designer Boris Maksimović
Costume designer Božana Jovanović