Đorđe Makarević / Dejan Kolarov

About Performance

based on actual life

By embracing the thought of evil, we embrace the devil into our body...
Evil is not visible, we present it with body to make it visible. (Đorđe Makarević, stage director, choreographer, librettist, music selector and author of set design idea)

Đorđe Makarević was born in Belgrade. He finished the Lujo Davičo Ballet School and graduated from the Department of Theatre Directing at the Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade. Makarević is a principal dancer and choreographer in the Terazije Theatre. He won the prestigious Award of the City of Belgrade for the only inclusive musical in the world with a specific form The Magic Journey, based on Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne.


The only way to disown alienation is to take responsibility for our own actions, because we give the meaning to our lives ourselves. Absurd is a thin line between comical and tragic, positive and negative vortex we are thrown into by life – and it is up to us to choose our own way. My choice will always be entertaining. (Dejan Kolarov)


EUGEN IONESCO (1909-1994) is a Romanian playwright, one of the most important creators of avant-garde theatre and one of creators of theatre of absurd. Ionesco’s plays focus on loneliness and lack of importance of people’s existence… I have always said that I do not care what people think, I care about what makes them think the way they think. This leads to demystification of every ideology. However, there are even more important themes in my plays, themes I do not talk about: there is no mention of love, no mention of feelings of guilt, no mention of men’s need to liberate themselves from familiar boundaries, my heroes do not represent merely the problems of men trapped in an industrial society, they represent problems of men trapped in the world of all epochs and times and societies. My plays strive to represent deepest wishes – fears of death, i.e. desire for immortality. (Eugene Ionesco)

DEJAN KOLAROV has been a member of the Ballet Company of the National Theatre in Belgrade since 1997 and a principal soloist. He has interpreted numerous leading roles in classical, neoclassical and contemporary ballets in the National Theatre, within the Bitef Dance Company and the Madlenianum Theatre. Kolarov had been a member of the National Opera House in Augsburg, Germany, for two years, where he also performed numerous distinguished roles. He cooperated with many local and foreign choreographers, thus improving various dance techniques and forms, as well as his choreographer’s skill. He has already gained experience in short choreography forms, and he was an assistant choreographer to Zoran Marković in the production Golden Age in SNT in Maribor. The Bald Soprano is his first individual choreography of a stage production. 

Premiere performance

Premiere, 17 January 2015 / “Raša Plaović” Stage


Stage Director, Choreographer, Librettist, Music Selector and author of set design idea Đorđe Makarević
Costume Designer and Set Designer Ida Ignjatović
Music Design Aleksandar Sedlar
Music by W. A. Mozart, L. Beethoven, E. Grieg, L. Delibes, F. Schubert, A. Schnittke, G. Faure and Theta Sound Music
Assistant Choreographer Marija Bajčetić

Premiere cast:

Mother Ana Pavlović 
Son Igor Pastor
Grandmother Tatjana Popović
Son Milica Bajčetić
Victim Brankica Mandić
Victim Jovana Nestorovska
Victim Dejana Zlatanovski
Guy Miloš Marijan

Organisers Brankica Knežević, Gojko Davidović
Stage Manager Branislava Pljaskić 
Lighting Master Dušan Pivač
Make-Up Dragoljub Jeremić
Stage Master Zoran Mirić
Sound Master Roko Mimica


Choreographer and Stage Director Dejan Kolarov
Set Designer Jasna Saramandić
Costume Designer Katarina Grčić Nikolić
Author of music compilation Miloš Mijailović

Premiere cast:

Mr. Smith Milan Rus
Mrs. Smith Ivana Savić Jaćić
Mr. Martin Dušan Milosavljević
Mrs. Martin Sanja Ninković
Mary the Maid Tatjana Popović
Fire Chief Taylor Clow

Organisers Brankica Knežević, Gojko Davidović
Music Associate Paša Musić
Stage Manager Branislava Pljaskić 
Lighting Master Dušan Pivač
Make-Up Dragoljub Jeremić
Stage Master Zoran Mirić
Sound Master Dejan Dražić


Male costumes’ designer Drena Drinić
Head of male costumes tailor shop Jela Bošković
Female costumes’ designer Radmila Marković
Head of female costumes tailor shop Snežana Ignjatović