ballet to the music by Gustav Mahler

About Performance

The crown of the evening was the ballet The Cage, choreography and libretto for which was done by Lidija Pilipenko... The Cage – a madhouse at the end of our century and millennium, perverseness of well profiled dwellers of an isolated community, their pointless efforts to find their  conscious part – Pilipenko, above all staged it all excellently as a director.  In a strong, almost social dancing drama, on some kind of magically thought-out conveyor belt theatrically impressive mise-en-scenic solutions were constantly changing, solutions of a violent dancing charge. Birth of a child, as a hope, as a stimulus, as a sobriety, beam of light, was the right way to the new century from this century cage.

...It should be concluded that the most mature achievement in1999, among the artistic dance was The Cage ... Watching The Cage – from our cage – we were aware that in (...) this dancing drama we see ourselves. (...) Original dancing solutions of a bitter contemporary dancing lexicon of sharp physical contours made us excited and made us think.
Milica Zajcev

Premiere performance

Premiere, 28 October, 1999. / MAIN STAGE

Choreography and libretto Lidija Pilipenko
Set designer Boris Maksimovic
Costume designer Božana Jovanovic