opera by Guiseppe Verdi

About Performance

(...) Reduced stage movement enables the interpreters to give their best in the vocal plan. This can be seen especially in characters who are not in the first plan: superb Ferrando (Bratislav Jatić), Ines interpreted by Olivera Dukić, who is ready for more complex roles, as well as Ruiz (Aleksandar Dojković). The grand scenes seem most complicated, because under the leadership of Dejan Savić, the choir and the orchestra do not only serve as support to characters in the plot about the troubadour, instead they represent the basic line. (...) Costumes designed by Ljiljana Radonjić Orlić are simplified, not excessively adorned, they clearly define characters, their status, temperament. The set design (by Aleksandar Zlatović) was arranged in the same manner; in coordination with straightforwardness of stage directing, it was done with massive stone-like blocks and revolving circular stage. The fascinating suggestiveness, the voice that overflows the hall, belongs to Jelena Vlahović. The superb actress interprets the multi-layer character of Azucena (…) With her rich deep register and profoundly high voice, as well as with her impressive figure, Jelena Vlahović is a pillar to the new production of The Troubadour.

 Marija Ćirić, The Politika, Belgrade, 2nd December 2002

(...) Jelena Vlahović was brilliant in the role of the Gypsy woman Azucena, with her wonderfully dark coloured voluminous voice, superbly expressive in all registers (…) Dušan Plazinić as Manrico interpreted this character much more successfully than his previous roles. (…)

Gordana Krajačić, The Blic, Belgrade, 26th November 2001

(...) While listening to the Orchestra of the National Theatre’s Opera that sounded better than ever, under marvellous leadership of Maestro Dejan Savić, we could see that a lot of effort was invested the preparations of Verdi’s opera The Troubadour. The Choir was on the same level almost all the time.

Donata Premeru, The Borba, Belgrade, 28th November 2001

Premiere performance

Premiere, 22nd November 2001 / Main Stage
Opera in four acts
Conductor Dejan Savić / Zorica Mitev Vojnović
Stage Director Ivana Dragutinović
Set Designer Aleksandar Zlatović
Costume Designer Ljiljana Orlić

Premiere Cast (first name on the list):

Count di Luna Nikola Mitić / Nikola Mijailović / Zoran Aleksandrić 
Leonora Višnja Pavlović Drakulić / Jasmina Trumbetaš Petrović / Vjera Mikić 
Azucena Jelena Vlahović / Dragana del Monaco
Manrico Dušan Plazinić / Nikola Kitanovski / Sergej Dubrovin 
Ferrando Branislav Jatić / Sveto Kastratović 
Ines Olivera Dukić / Aleksandra Stamenković 
Ruiz Aleksandar Dojković 
Messenger Darko Đorđević / Tomislav Vitaz
Old Gypsy Aleksandar Stamatović / Nemanja Pavlović 
Nuns, the Count’s lackeys, soldiers, Gypsies

The Choir and the Orchestra of the Opera of the National Theatre in Belgrade take part in the performance.

Concertmaster Balint Varga / Iskra Uzelac
Choir rehearsed by Đorđe Pavlović
Stage music lead by Ana Zorana Brajović
Assistant Costume Designer Branka Đuričić
Music Associates Srđan Jaraković / Nevena Živković / Dragan Radivojević / Nada Matijević
Screenplay Mirjana Goločevac / Dejan Filipović
Prompter Silvija Pec
Organiser Maša Milanović Minić
Translation and caption Konstantin Carina
Leading Painter Miroslav Nikolić
Leading Sculptor Stanimir Pavlović
Make-Up Nijaz Memiš
Lighting Master Miodrag Milivojević
Stage Master Zoran Mirić
Head of Decor Željko Rudić

The costumes and sets were made in workshops of the National Theatre in Belgrade.