ballet by Sergei Prokofiev

About Performance

With Romeo and Juliet ballet, the Ballet of the National Theatre has given numerous performances on tours abroad. It has always received beautiful and poetically inspired reviews and criticisms which, to a degree, cannot be considered criticisms because critics surrendered to the raptures of delight describing feelings of pleasure and overwhelming with the impressions of the beauty of the entire event when watching this performance.

In the years of the first live Eurovision broadcasts, this performance of the Ballet of the National Theatre was recorded and broadcast in various European countries: our artists were recognized in the streets, viewers approached them and waited in front of the theatres to see them and to show their admiration.

Considering all that was said and thought about us, now that the ballet Romeo and Juliet is back on the stage we should be conscious about and accept the fact that it is our most precious cultural inheritance. If traditionally, ballets of the classical inheritance of French, Russian and Danish authors are nurtured, here we have our typical achievement, which has already become a precious part of our culture. It should be accepted, carefully nurtured and as a treasure it should be handed down from one artist generation to another, with more prominent expressions of pride and self-respect.
Milica Jovanović


Soloists and the Ensemble of the Ballet– The Award of the National Theatre in Belgrade

Premiere performance

Premiere, Saturday, 28 June 2003. / Main stage

Ballet in three acts ( nine scenes with the epilogue) based on William Shakespeare’s tragedy
Director and choreographer Dimitrije Parlic
Conductor Angel Šurev
Set designer Dušan Ristic
Costume designer Božana Jovanovic
Set reconstruction Boris Maksimovic
Choreography  reproduced by Višnja Ðorđevic