comedy by Miloš Nikolić

About Performance

The play, although written in 1991, has not lost its significance, therefore its staging means that all principal rules of modern national repertoire have been followed, namely, it completely communicates with the present. Without conventional and banal dramatic stereotypes (placement and characterisation, plot and resolution), the play brings up issues in artistically correct and realistic ways, namely “Who is who, what is what, what belongs to whom, who belongs to what, who belongs to whom”…  The issues are a part of our present lives and destiny…
Blacksmiths is a drama of cultivated expression, full with kind irony that sometimes turns into sarcasm. The play addresses a bloody problem situated in, as it seems, eternal algorithm of historical reality in this part of the world, from the perspective of slightly playful wise man.  
Zoran Raičević, dramaturge

Milenko Pavlov – Best Actor in the VI International Festival “BALKANS 2000”, Korca, Albania

Miloš Nikolić was born on 13 June 1939 in Kosovo Polje. He finished elementary school in Banatsko Aranđelovo, grammar school in Pančevo and graduated from the Department of Dramaturgy at the Academy of Theatre, Film, Radio and Television in Belgrade. Selection of his pieces:
Catabasis (poetry, 1971)
Crazy Antun (poetry, Prosveta, Belgrade, 1974)
A Book of Fleas (poetry, 1974)
Golden-Mouth and Other Stories (children’s stories, 1980)
Comedies (four comedies: There is Some Devil in People from Pančevo, Svetislav and Mileva, Assassination, Blacksmiths, 1992)
The Duck (satirical and humorous texts, 1998)
Fierarii (Blacksmiths, translation into Romanian by Veronica Lazareanu, Lumina, 1998)
Coaforul cantaretei chele (Hairdresser of a Bald Singer, three comedies, Blacksmiths, Betrayal of Homeland, translation into Romanian by Veronica and Simeon Lazareanu, Lumina, 2002)
Anchor (poetry, 2001)

Selection of theatre productions:
Flea Show (Little Theatre, Belgrade)
There is Some Devil in People from Pančevo (Theatre “Sterija” Vršac, Theatre at Terazije Belgrade)
Svetislav and Mileva (National Theatre “Toša Jovanović” Zrenjanin, Theatre “Joakim Vujić” Kragujevac, Serbian National Theatre Novi Sad, National Theatre Leskovac, National Theatre Priština titled Miško and Mariška, National Theatre Subotica)
Assassination (Evening Stage “Duško Radović” Belgrade, National Theatre Kikinda)
Blacksmiths (Serbian National Theatre Novi Sad, Theatre “Joakim Vujić” Kragujevac)
Blacksmiths, translated by Jan Jankovic, PhD, directed by Ljuboslav Majera, Zvolen, Slovakia,
Blacksmiths, translated by Veronica Lazareanu, produced in several Romanian theatres: Theatre “Notara” in Bucharest, directed by Horatiu Malaele; Theatre in the town of St George, directed by Theodora Herghelegiu; in Busau, directed by Rsvan Savescu.
Blacksmiths, translated by Christos Guvis, directed by Konstantinos Arvanitakis, produced in Athens as a joint project by the “Comedy” and “Ex Machina” Theatres and the City Theatre of Volos.

Stefan Sablić is a Belgrade born director. He graduated from the Department of Theatre and Radio Directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, in the class of Professor Egon Savin, and obtained a degree at the Tel Aviv University. Productions: Damn Kowalski by Nebojša Romčević (Atelje 212, 1998); Electra by Danilo Kiš (Atelje 212, 1999); Life Again by Miroslav Momčilović (Theatre “Cult”, 2000); The Soldier’s Tale by Stravinsky and F. Ramuz (Israel, 2001); Visiting Mr. Green by Jeff Baron (Atelje 212, 2002); Address Unknown by Kathrine Kressman Taylor (Belgrade Drama Theatre, 2003). Stefan Sablić is a recipient of “Mata Milošević” Award for the Best Student of Directing.


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Premiere performance

Premiere, 13 November 2003 / “Raša Plaović” Stage

Director Stefan Sablić
Dramaturge Zoran Raičević
Set Designer Dejan Pantelić
Costume Designer Katarina Grčić
Editor Ljiljana Mrkić-Popović, PhD
Stage Movement Ivica Klemenc
Producers Milorad Jovanović, Jelena Ristić
Music scores used in the performance are from opera Narcissus and Echo composed by Anja Đorđević

Premiere Cast:

Peter Branko Vidaković
Aca Milenko Pavlov
Luisa Zorica Mirković
Ivan Dragan Nikolić

Stage Manager Đorđe Jovanović
Prompter Dušanka Vukić
Stage Master Zoran Mirić
Lighting Master Branislava Đorđević
Sound Master Tihomir Savić
Props Dejan Janković, Dragoljub Denić
Male wardrobe Radivoje Đurđević
Female wardrobe Mirjana Kuzmanović
Shoes storage supervisor Tomislav Vladisavljević
Make-Up Nijaz Memiš, Dragoljub Jeremić