“Mrs. Einstein”

“Mrs. Einstein”, Written by Snežana Gnjidić and Directed by Karin Rosnizeck

Rehearsals of the play “Mrs. Einstein” started at the National Theatre in Belgrade, directed by Karin Rosnizeck based on the text written by Snežana Gnjidić. 

The premiere was planned for June 30 at 8.30 p.m. on “Raša Plaović” stage and the cast members are Dušanka Stojanović Glid (Mileva Einstein) and Goran Jevtić (Albert Einstein).
“Mrs. Einstein” is a story about love and passion, trust and betrayal, inspired by some new findings about the contribution that Mileva Marić gave to the creation of the world most popular scientific theory – theory of relativity. From studying the biographies of this married couple, supported by personal correspondence between Mileva and Albert and the letters they both wrote to Mileva’s friend from the university, Helena Savić, this drama gives us an opportunity to go deeper into those mysterious forces that shaped the destiny of our scientist, Mileva Marić Einstein.

Director Rosnizeck will also select the music, dramaturge is Đorđe Kosić, Vladimir Petričević (sound design), set designer is Jasna Saramandić, and costumes are designed by Petra Fotez while Ljiljana Mrkić Popović will be in charge of the stage speech.

Collaborators on the play are Nemanja Konstatinović, Marija Kovačević (producers), Miloš Obrenović (stage manager), Ljubica Raković (prompter), Luka Jovanov (assistant director and translator), Anastasja Pribilović (producer in training) and Ana Vavrzinjak (guest production associate within the Staff Exchange Program of the European Theatre Convention)

Acting General Manager of the National Theatre, Svetislav Goncić, and Drama Manager, Molina Udovički, wished the artistic and technical teams a lot of success at beginning of the work on the new play.