Bojan Krivokapić

Actor I

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Actor I
Ensemble: Drama
Status: resident
Roles in current Repertoire of the National Theatre:

• Basset (Henry the Sixth)
• Sentry (Antigone)
• Secretary (Death and the Dervish)
• Ćoro (Lullaby for Vuk Nobody)
• A Playwright (A Book, Volume Two)
• Stranger (The Road to Damascus)
• Investigator (The Miracle in Šargan)
• Stevan Vučić (The Great Drama)
• Eden (The Patriots)
• Kosih, Dimitri Nikitich, a finance clerk (Ivanov)
• Đokа (A Suspicious Person)
• Mucius (Caligula)
• Klavdii Goretsky (Wolves and Sheep)
• Nikita Artamonov (Vassa Zheleznova and others)
• Mijat Tamnavac (The Years of Crows)