Zoran Ćosić

Actor I

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Actor I
Ensemble: Drama
Status: resident
Roles in current Repertoire of the National Theatre:

• Police officer (Death and the Dervish)
• Anučkin (The Marriage)
• Fedka, the Convict (The Possessed)
• Canon Chasuble (The Importance of Being Earnest)
• Timić (The Capricious Girl)
• Simica, municipal janitor (Our Sons)
• Jovica Jerković (A Member of the Parliament)
• Narrator (duo-drama Tales of a Corporal) - Museum National Theatre in Belgrade
• Wilhelm Davison, State Secretary (Mary Stuart)
• Le Bret, Mother Margaret, A Monk, First Horseman (Cyrano)
• Lepidus (Caligula)
• Actor, Pridamant and Geronte (Illusiae)
• Romanian Archduke/Archduchess (Orlando)
• Daniel Christensen (Iranian Conference)