The Ballet of the National Theatre in Belgrade Started Work on the Ballet Show "Banović Strahinja"

27 February 2024

The Ballet of the National Theatre in Belgrade is preparing for the finale of the historical celebration of the centenary jubilee and seeking to pay tribute to the Serbian ballet heritage, it has started its work on the new ballet production - "Banović Strahinja", based on one of the most beautiful epic folk ballads of the pre-Kosovo cycle, with the contemporary ballet choreography of Igor Kirov.

Composer Ivan Ilić, dramaturge Đorđe Kosić, set designer Geroslav Zarić, costume designer Katarina Grčić Nikolić and assistant choreographer Mojca Majcenmake the artistic team of a new theatrical production with the participation of the entire Ballet ensemble of the National Theatre in Belgrade.

The upcoming ballet draws its inspiration from that timeless poetic masterpiece that the great Serbian linguist and folklorist Vuk Stefanović Karadžić heard from the old man Milija, and then wrote it down and edited it. Looking back to the past of our ballet history, the ballad "Banović Strahinja" was interpreted in the eponymous ballet, choreographed by Lidija Pilipenko, which premiered on April 2, 1981, on the Main Stage. 

Banović Strahinja was not only an epic hero, known for his strength and heroism, but also a character who was the embodiment of justice, honesty and graciousness, while his willingness to forgive makes him a unique character of the Serbian epic poetry. In addition to the exceptional literary beauty of this ballad, its theme rises into an everlasting depiction of the contrast between traditional values and intimate human feelings.

By putting this production on the regular repertoire of the Main Stage, the National Theatre Ballet expresses its commitment and devotion not only to the Serbian ballet heritage, but also to the Serbian historic and cultural heritage.
The audience can expect this grand ballet production to premiere at the beginning of June, when we will ceremonially mark the end of the centenary celebration of the National Theatre Ballet and step into a new chapter in our ballet history.