The National Theatre Ballet and "Lujo Davičo" Elementary and Secondary Ballet School Gave a Ceremonial Défilée

24 November 2023

As part of the celebration of the 155th anniversary of the National Theatre in Belgrade, on November 22, a "Ceremonial Défilée" was performed on the Main Stage, with the participation of the Ballet of the National Theatre and the "Lujo Davičo" Elementary and Secondary Ballet School.

It is a specially designed programme, as part of the celebration of the centenary of our ballet ensemble, directed by Mario Pavle del Monaco.

The participants of this magnificent artistic event, together with the National Theatre Orchestra conducted by Đorđe Pavlović, were also the ensemble and soloists of the National Theatre - Teodora Spasić, Jovica Begojev, Margarita Cheromukhina, Jose Iglesias, Sofia Matyushenskaya, Toma Križnar, Ada Raspor, Tijana Šebez, Miloš Marijan, Petar Đorčevski, Shinichiro Ebe and Radion Isyanov.

They were joined by the students of the "Lujo Davičo" Elementary and Secondary Ballet School, members of the future generations who will one day dance on this stage.

The programme, designed by the artistic director Ana Pavlović, included concert performances of excerpts from the premiere revived ballets "Giselle", "Swan Lake, "Queen Margot", as well as "The Pirate/Le Corsaire", which was staged for the first time on our stage to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary since the first ballet show was performed in our country.

The evening began with the presentation of all generations of the Belgrade ballet school, and during the programme, the class of graduates performed a number from the ballet "Paquita".

About 120 ballet dancers, students of the elementary and secondary ballet school and members of the ballet ensemble of the National Theatre took part in the final scene, which was a never-before-seen endeavour that celebrated the past and the future of the ballet art in Serbia.