Great Success of Prima Donna Jadranka Jovanović at the Premiere in Trieste

4 June 2022

On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of the Italian composer, Baron Raffaello de Banfield  Tripcovich, on June 1 at the premiere of his opera "Colloquio con il Tango" (Conversations with the Tango) at the Mittelcult Theatre in Trieste, the main role was played with great success by prima donna Jadranka Jovanović, a principal opera artist of the Opera of the National Theatre in Belgrade.

As part of the music festival "RdB 100, Raffaello de Banfield", four concerts were held, an exhibition was organised, and a round table in honour of the composer was also the part of the program.

The central part of the celebration was the performance of the opera "Colloquio con il Tango", and the premiere performance of this extraordinary contemporary opera, which talks about the fate of an unfortunate artist, was attended by a significant number of Serbs from Trieste.

Delighted audience rewarded the great interpretation of Jadranka Jovanović and also other performers with a long and enthusiastic applause. 

“I am extremely honoured and with the greatest joy I include in my rich biography this new role, Carmen Gloria, created by this extraordinary and exceptional composer Raffaello de Banfield, whom I met at the beginning of my career singing at the Verdi Theatre, where he was the general manager for many years. This premiere was something special in every sense and a historical record will remain that a Serbian opera singer sang the title role at the main event marking the centenary of the birth of the composer Raffaello de Banfield Tripcovich," Mrs. Jovanović said in a statement for the website of the National Theatre in Belgrade.

Baron Raffaello de Banfield Tripcovich, a Briton by birth, is a very important figure in the cultural history of Trieste and Italy.

He was a cosmopolitan, a man of European culture, a polyglot, a composer and the ex-president of the former Tripcovich group.

He had a special fondness for Serbian artists and culture, since a part of his family originates from the Balkans.