Rehearsals of the Play "The Doll from the Bed No. 21" Directed by Egon Savin Started – Play Opens in October at the "Raša Plaović" Stage

20 June 2023

The rehearsals of Đorđe Lebović's play "The Doll from the Bed No. 21", adapted and directed by Egon Savin, have begun at the National Theatre in Belgrade.

The play is scheduled to open at the beginning of October at the "Raša Plaović" Stage.

Set designer Vesna Popović, costume designer Jelena Stokuća and Ljiljana Mrkić Popović (stage speech) make the artistic team of this new theatrical piece whose cast members are Nikola Ristanovski, Zorana Bećić Đorđević and Petar Strugar.

"The Doll from the Bed No. 21" is a psychological drama about the life in concentration camps and the Second World War, but from the standpoint of women at the time and from the perspective of those who suffered, faced with violence and abuse.

"The Doll from the Bed No. 21" by Đorđe Lebović is a protest against the short memory before the always latent possibility of reoccurrence of human evil. Today we live in a time of revision of history and resurgence of Nazism on the global scene. This work is a reminder for all those who, deliberately or accidentally, have forgotten the most horrible atrocities that took place throughout Europe in the twentieth century. The gruesome and dark idea of the physical and moral destruction of man, the idea of German Nazism, was materialized in the concentration camps before and during the Second World War. This true story reminds us that any person can become a victim of irrational hatred and violence. We end our ardent search for justice and truth in this drama with the conviction that the victims have not been redeemed and that justice has not and cannot be served," Savin said.

This will be the first staging of the play "The Doll from the Bed No. 21" at the National Theatre in Belgrade.

"It's fascinating how much Đorđe Lebović's play "The Doll from the Bed No. 21" is topical on various levels today. The title itself - "The Doll from the Bed No. 21" already leads to the conclusion that the focus is on a woman’s fate, which would mean that by choosing this play we are continuing the series started with the plays “Nora - The Doll's House” and “A Lullaby for Aleksija Rajčić”. Admit it or not, just like at the time when this true story took place, and just like at the time when Lebović wrote this play, even today the victims of mental, emotional and any other violence are much more often women. And women are still forced by social circumstances to remain silent about enduring violence, to be dolls. This time the protagonist is a successful doctor, who is also a wife and a mother", Molina Udovički Fotez, Artistic Director of the National Theatre in Belgrade, explained.