The National Theatre in Belgrade Celebrated Its Patron Saint’s Day - St. John’s Day, Complying with All Epidemiological Measures

20 January 2022

On January 20 the National Theatre celebrated its patron saint’s day - St. John’s Day in the rehearsal hall on the fifth floor with a ceremony of consecration and cutting of the feast cake performed by the parish priest of the Cathedral Church in Belgrade, episcopal vicar, Archpriest-Staurophore Branko Topalović, together with the Choir of the National Theatre in Belgrade and the conductor Đorđe Stanković.

This year, the same as last, the celebration was held in accordance with the current epidemiological situation, which implies compliance with all safety measures prescribed by the Crisis Team related to the coronavirus epidemic.

In addition to the acting manager of the National Theatre in Belgrade, Svetislav Goncić, the parish priest Topalović also wished the staff happy patron saint’s day.

"May God give you health, success and all kinds of progress. May you live long and stay healthy, and may you celebrate St. John’s Day for many years to come, in health and joy; may he protect you before the throne of God and give you strength for struggles yet to come. May all of you who are present here and those absent live long. Bless you”, said the Archpriest-Staurophore Branko Topalović.

The National Theatre in Belgrade renewed the celebration of the patron saint’s day in 2001 after a pause of 67 years when the head of the Cathedral Church in Belgrade, Archpriest-Staurophore Petar Lukić, consecrated the theatre building.