Premier of the drama “Gospođa Ajnštajn“ (Mrs. Einstein), written by Snežana Gnjidić, directed by Karin Rosniček.

30 June 2022

The drama „Mrs. Einstein“  by Snežana Gnjidić, about an imaginary meeting of the souls of Mileva Marić and Albert Einstein, and their (afterlife) discussion and dispute on opposed narratives about their past, had its premiere on June 30 on the „Raša Plaović“ stage, under the direction of the US guest, Karin Rosniček. 

The play performed by Dušanka Stojanović Glid (Mileva Einstein) and Goran Jevtić does not purport to present an opinion in the debate between the scientists, biographers and feminists on the role of Mileva Marić in creating Einstein’s theories, does not claim to present historically true biographical data about Mileva Marić, nor diminish the genius of Albert Einstein, but instead offers a  “what if” view, placing the two protagonists in a afterlife limbo space in which they quarrel and dispute the opposed narratives about their past. 

In this surreal purgatory space, the two of them remember and relive the crucial moments of their lives, trying to understand each other and find peace at least after death, which they were not able to do so while alive.

The audience greeted Dušanka Stojanović Glid and Goran Jevtić with thunderous ovations, who were also joined at bowing to the audience by the director Karin Rosniček and the author of the play Snežana Gnjidić. 

The Director Rosniček  also made the selection of music, Đorđe Kosić was the playwright, set design was created by Jasna Saramandić, costume design by Petra Fotez, video material by Dylan Uremović, sound design by Vladimir Petričević, stage speech was covered by Ljiljana Markić Popović. 

The associates in the play were Nemanja Konstatinović, Marija Kovačević (producers), Miloš Obrenović (stage manager), Ljubica Raković (prompter), Luka Jovanović (assistant director and translator), Anastasja Pribilović (producer in training) and Ana Vavrzinjak (guest associate in production, as part of the exchange program for the staff of the European Theater Convention). 

The first repeat performance will be  held on Saturday July 2, (8:30 p.m.), also on the “Raša Plaović” stage.

The premiere of the play was performed within the Belgrade Summer Festival “Belef”.