Highly Awarded Play "The Temptation to Be Happy" Premiered in Belgrade

23 October 2022

The Belgrade premiere of the highly awarded play "The Temptation to Be Happy" (translated into Serbian as "Little Things in Life Mean the Most"), based on the bestseller of the same name by one of the most popular Italian authors today, Lorenzo Marone, which marked this cultural summer, was held on October 23 at the "Raša Plaović" Stage.

This play, which talks about love, friendship and help and focuses on the retired bookkeeper Cesare, an "old harridan" who towards the end of his life gets a sudden urge to fundamentally change his personality, was a co-production between the National Theatre in Belgrade and Beo Art and the Tivat Cultural Centre, dramatized by Đorđe Kosić and directed by Andrej Nosov.

After a successful premiere on August 12 at the 18th “Purgatorije” Festival in Tivat, the play won two awards at the 9th New Fortress Theatre Festival - actress Nela Mihailović won the Best Actress Award, and Mladen Andrejević won the "Milan Gutović" Award for his role of Cesare ".

Director Nosov said about the work on the play:
For me, this work, and that weaving of those little things, those relationships, is actually something that excited me the most and it is the most important thing to me. I think that in searching for those people and recognizing those people around us who are involved in their little skirmishes, we actually managed to find some exact thread and some good measure of what really a big question is when it comes to life, and what a tragic fate is, because anyone can be tragic.

The performance will have two reruns until the end of the month - on October 24 and 27.