Presentation of the international project „Renaissance“, une 21st at 20.00 at „Raša Plaović“ stage

17 June 2021

On Monday, June 21st at 20.00 at „Raša Plaović“ stage of the National Theatre in Belgrade, the audience will have an opportunity to see a series of 22 short films created in collaboration of European theatres, in the frame of the project „Renaissance“ of the European Theatre Convention. 
22 Leading European Theatres from 18 European countries, have imagined the ‘Renaissance’ of Theatre in and post pandemic and have produced an original series of short drama films.

Leading European theatres have joined together to reflect on the realities of pandemic and post-pandemic living and the potential for the ‘rebirth’ of theatre. The project „Renaissance“ was an opportunity for European theatres to test and discover new texts and new exciting formats, such as the field of digital dramaturgy.

The Renaissance was an explosion of creativity after the ‘dark and diseased’ Middle Ages—a complex and uneven celebration of beauty, wisdom, science, and architecture. It was time of dramatic changes, of upheavals, of brutal ruptures with societal patterns. It was also a time that led to a shift in European thought and introduced a new Zeitgeist.

Apart from the National Theatre in Belgrade, the project includes films by: 

National Theatre of Albania
Schauspielhaus Graz
Volkstheater Wien
Théâtre de Liège
Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb
Cyprus Theatre Organisation THOC
Národní divadlo – National Theatre Prague
La Mousson d'Eté
Staatsschauspiel Dresden
Pesti Magyar Színház
Fondazione Teatro Due
Teatro Stabile di Torino – National Theatre
Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg
Teatru Malta
JK Opole Theatre
Divadlo Jána Palárika v Trnave
Slovak National Drama
Slovensko Narodno Gledališče Nova Gorica
Göteborgs Stadsteater - Backa Teater
Dakh Theatre – Centre of Contemporary Arts
Kyiv National Academic Molodyy Theatre

The Renaissance short films have been supported with funding from the European Theatre Convention (ETC), the largest network of publicly funded theatres in Europe, and the Creative Europe programme of the European Commission.